No Swipe For You

A unique photo lock application for Android

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The app we've all been waiting for!

This one of a kind photo lock application allows you to show only select photos to other people in real time, no need to pre-sort or hide your photos in hidden folders. You simply start the application, select the photos you want to show others, and you're done! Whoever is looking at your selected pictures is locked out of your phone. The back key, home key and recent apps key are all password protected! And if the user tries to swipe past their allowed pictures, then it's "No swipe for you!"

Don't want to pass the phone around? You can also beam your photos using Wi-Fi Direct to other users of the No Swipe For You App (no internet connection required!)

Core Features

No Swipe For You Core Features

Developed to allow you to securely share your phone with your pictures, or you pictures to your friend's phones.

Real Time Photo Lock

Select the photos you want to show in real time. No need to hide in folder.


Users viewing your selected photos will have no access to any other part of your phone.


Belect whether you want to play the famous "No swipe for you!" when someone does not follow your rules, or maybe only display a custom text. You decide!


Beam to friend's devices using our beam feature.

No Internet Required

Our beam feature uses Wi-Fi Direct, so no internet connection is required to share photos across phones!


A fun way to share memories with loved ones!


The Party Animal

Awesome! I can now safely share all my proper photos with family!


The Socialite

The Wi-Fi Direct beam feature is great for house parties, I can instantly share my kids photos with all my friends!


The Bar Guy

I love the "No Swipe For You" voice! Always makes us laugh when we share photos!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find all your answers below (and if you have more, email us!)

Secure mode, allows the No Swipe For You app to run as your home launcher app.

This makes the app more secure when you pass the phone to others with your selected photos. In no-secure mode, the user can alway press the home button, or the switch app button and they can exit the No Swipe For You app. In secure mode, the app will not allow the person viewing your selected photos to exit the app by pressing either the home button or recently browsed apps. This is the preferred mode of operation as it blocks people from browsing you phone when they look at your photos.

Note: Working in secure mode will not effect any applications on your phone or the default functionality of the home button.

When you send photos to your friends using Wi-Fi Direct, the photos will be deleted as soon as the person viewing them navigates to a different app, or a different screen. They will never be permanently stored on the other person's device.

When you send photos to other users using the Wi-Fi Direct functionality, sometimes the phones Wi-Fi Direct becomes busy (especially if you share successive bursts of photos on after another). If this happens, this buttons allows you to reset the framework so that you can continue to send and share photos using Wi-Fi Direct. If you encounter issues with the beam functionality, it is recommended that all people participating in the photo exchanges first try to reset their Wi-Fi Direct framework using ths button.